We at R.K. Steel Smith offer a huge range of products in industrial storage system ideal for workshop and assembly line. We have manifold varieties of products to offer such as Workbench/Workstation, Perforation and Bin Trolley, Steel Pallets, Perforated Panel and Metal Container export in China, USA, Portugal, India, Latvia, Nepal, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Netherlands, Italy and UAE etc.


R.K. Steel Smith is a quality steel lockers manufacturer and we at R.K. Steel Smith manufacture storage locker applicable in all places like School, Gym, Factory, wardrobes etc. We can offer guidance to our clients in choosing appropriate lockers for Schools, Gym or Government offices, Team Lockers, and Lockers for Health Clubs, Storage Lockers, wardrobes etc. We being Locker manufacturers and exporters design a complete solution to your each and every storage problems. We employ 20 / 18 / 16 gauge full height door with stiffener as well as heavy duty hinge. We are well- known as reputed industrial lockers manufacturer in India.

Tool Cabinet

R.K. Steel Smith is the leading tool cabinet manufacturer in India. Our tool cabinets are designed focusing on the requirements and application of our clients. Our tool storage cabinet is storage system for tools. It has multiple drawers and can carry load up to 200 kg UDL. This drawer cabinet has divider and partition to arrange tools & spares in an organized way.

Filing Cabinet

R.K. Steel Smith’s office filing cabinet is a blend of efficiency & classiness. Our mobile file system like filing cabinets are designed so as to store your significant work related documents in a very as safe and sound way. As a leading filing cabinet manufacturer & supplier in India we have fabricated completely welded construction and double skin drawer fronts.

Metal Containers

We are leading metal stillages manufacturer in India. Metal containers and metal stillages are prepared from sheet steel and are toughened so they can bear intense loads. They have welded construction hence they are very robust, firm, durable and cost effective. Mesh container and mesh stillages are ideal storing heavy objects. They provide extensive flexibility when used along with the precise handling systems. Mesh container and mesh stillages let for flexible placing and trouble-free access in the workspace.

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