It gives immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as Mishka Metal Cast who has achieved a prominent name in the field of ferrous and non-ferrous Metal Castings for the last 35 years. We supply quality products which are not an event of chance; it is a constant effort of hard-work. We believe in working effectively and efficiently to deliver products that fully satisfy our customer’s need or requirements for metal casting. Mishka Metal Cast inclines to have sound business ties with their existing clientele and will very much appreciate receiving your valuable inquiries for metal casting.

Alluminium Bronze Castings

The premium range of aluminium bronze casting manufactured by our skillful engineers offer excellent welding characteristics and brilliant mechanical properties. The aluminuim bronze castings are formed by adding aluminium to copper. The grade of the aluminum bronze is established by the percentage amount of aluminum. Generally, they are used in sour mine waters, industrial process fluids, marine hardware and non-oxidizing acids. These are suitable for heavy duty applications. We are a reliable aluminium bronze casting manufacturer in the India. Furthermore, we are a prominent aluminium bronze casting supplier in the industry. Our range of aluminum bronze castings offers toughness and excellent casting characteristics.

Gun Metal Bronze Castings

We are the manufacturer and supplier of gun metal castings fabricated with authentic bronze alloy. The gun metal (bronze) castings are manufactured using modern techniques by our experienced engineers. Our collection of gun metal castings offers excellent strength and durability and they are anti corrosive in nature. They are highly appreciated in the market industry for their toughness and hardness. We are fully equipped for all types of sand casting materials to suit your requirements. Entire ranges of gun metal (bronze) castings are manufactured with superior quality materials to offer the best quality castings to our esteemed customers.

Phosp Bronze Castings

In the production of bronze casting, during melting the phosphorus is added which acts as a deoxidizing agent. Phosphorus helps to improve the molten metal’s fluidity, castablity and mechanical properties. Generally, they are used for bolts, springs and other areas with chemical corrosion. Moreover, they are mostly used in cryogenics. They are widely known for their strength, toughness, fine grain and low coefficient of friction. These phosp bronze castings are ideal for obtaining dimensional accuracy. We offer the phosp bronze castings with sturdy construction and ideal combination of thermal & electrical conductivity. We are a foremost phosp bronze castings manufacturer of the industry. We are engaged in supplying extensive range of phosp bronze casting all over India.

Nickle Alluminium Bronze Castings

The nickel aluminum bronze casting is a blend of some percent aluminum, iron and nickel. Basically, the addition of aluminum offers strength to the castings. The nickel helps in improving the corrosion resistance characteristic of the casting. And the iron increases the tensile strength of the casting. These nickel aluminum bronze castings are offered as tube, rod and plate forms for hydraulic valve components, bushings, plates and bearings. Various applications of nickel aluminum bronze alloys are generally in industrial applications, aerospace industries, marine industries, and oil & gas industries. This kind of castings is mainly suited for heavy-duty applications, for corrosive liquids, valve components, gears, machine tools and hardware.

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